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Intrigue! Necromancy! Skeletons! Yup, Deluge really does have it all.

Honestly though, this game has been so lovingly crafted, and it does so many things that you don't expect a game like this to be able to do. It's maddeningly genius, there are different routes to take on the journey and it's just so full of life (which is ironic, considering the amount of death).

For this price you really can't go wrong, this is a must play game for any RPG Maker fan and, quite honestly, any indie game fan.


This game is amazing! I just finished playing the game today! what got my intrested was the lore....the lore was something else and its something you dont always see on other RPG games so. Deluge is quite unique for that. as much as a scardy cat I am with horror games....this made me feel scared at every turn. I really recommend people to try out the game! 


I love this game. The story... Oh, the story. It's so compelling ... I needed some backseating, but it really is a very good game and I am recommending it to everyone!


Sometimes you can just tell when someone puts their entire heart into making a game. You have really given this game everything. It is so amazing and I would recommend it to everyone. It honestly gives something a lot of games haven't really been giving me lately. Thank you so very much for hitting that gaming spot! 


This game is really atmospheric and good. A game where the main character is a skeleton is truly unique.


This game has so much charm while having a strong and hard hitting narrative. Also someone needs to do a 0 herb run.

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This game is a fancy modern pisser with books of all shapes and sizes 10/10


This game is a masterclass in establishing and maintaining mood and ambience. Hauntingly beautiful, chilling, dark, and so much fun. Worth every single cent.