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This was really fun to play (despite the horrific underlying story that's building up in the background)!

Having 5 different characters with different abilities and having to swap them in and out depending on what you need to do to move forward is a really intriguing element to the gameplay, especially when you have to contend with your current party and the folks left behind getting into random battles at the same time.

Super excited to see where this game goes from this initial jam version, great work as always from the great Riggy!

Thanks so much, buddy! Can't wait to finish and share... :)


Hey I did a let's play/review thing of the game, check it out.

Overall a pretty good game. It looks good and the story is intriguing!

 But I have some criticisms. They are: 

- One save point located in a weird spot, imo should be where all the characters are instead. Also you have to go through a long explanation for each time you wanna save. 

- If you wanna change characters, there is a chance you'll accidently trigger their long backstory cause it's the first item on the list of choices.

 -Random encounters aren't that interesting, and there's alot of them. You only attack, and you have first aid so there's no real resource management. I presume there will be later on, but for now, it's pretty boring.

Otherwise good job, and I look forward to playing the full release!

Thanks for trying it out! :)


horror by riggy2k3? i'm here for it


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I can't wait to see what this is!


Holy shit! I am hype!


u fookin wot m8 (llet’s go i am hyped)